About Us & Dealer Information

Currently we are a dealer for Aftermarket Assassins, Nitro Racing Parts, Trinity Racing, Super Grip ATV, Super ATV, Maxxis, Infinite Offroad, PRP, Dragon Fire, KFI, WARN, RCV, Factory UTV, Rock Ready UTV, Raceline Wheels,  & L & W Fabrication. If you see something on their website that is not on ours please contact us via phone 317-703-0099

Based in the heart of racing, Indianapolis, Danger Zone Off Road is an off-road company that encapsulates the thrill of racing, the joy of trail rides, and a deep-rooted commitment to the off-road and SXS (Side-by-Side) community. With a passion for adventure and a dedication to quality, Danger Zone Off Road has become a respected name in the industry.

At Danger Zone Off Road, the off-road and SXS community is at the forefront of their mission. They recognize the importance of fostering strong connections within the community and actively contribute to its growth. Through organized races, group trail rides, and community events, Danger Zone Off Road creates opportunities for off-road enthusiasts to come together, share experiences, and build lasting relationships. Their genuine care for the community is evident in their support for safe practices, responsible off-roading, and environmental conservation.

As purveyors of excellence, Danger Zone Off Road ensures that their customers have access to the best parts and accessories available. They work exclusively with top manufacturers in the industry, carefully selecting products that embody superior quality, durability, and performance. From suspension systems and rugged tires to high-performance engines and advanced electronics, Danger Zone Off Road offers a meticulously curated range of top-of-the-line parts to elevate off-road experiences.

In addition to their exceptional product offerings, Danger Zone Off Road specializes in custom powder coating and small fabrication. With an attention to detail and a commitment to craftsmanship, they transform ordinary off-road vehicles and SXSs into extraordinary machines. From unique color finishes to personalized modifications, Danger Zone Off Road's custom powder coating and small fabrication services bring a touch of individuality and style to each customer's off-road rig.

Recognizing the need for convenience and expertise, Danger Zone Off Road also provides professional installation services for SXS parts. Their skilled technicians possess in-depth knowledge of SXS vehicles and can efficiently install and integrate parts for optimal performance. This ensures that customers receive a seamless experience and can confidently rely on Danger Zone Off Road's expertise throughout their off-road journey.

With a prime location in Indianapolis, known for its rich racing heritage, Danger Zone Off Road embraces the spirit of speed and performance. Their proximity to racing culture fuels their drive to excel in off-road racing events, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in off-road competition. By participating in these thrilling races, Danger Zone Off Road not only showcases their skills but also continuously hones their expertise, resulting in improved products and services for their customers.

Danger Zone Off Road is more than an off-road company—it's a hub for off-road enthusiasts seeking excitement, community, and top-notch products. Their dedication to the off-road and SXS community, commitment to offering the best parts from leading manufacturers, specialization in custom powder coating and small fabrication, and expert installation services make Danger Zone Off Road a trusted partner for unforgettable off-road adventures.